What we have been up to:

scarecrow,image ©; Possums Playcentre
The children made a colourful scarecrow for the Possum's Patch Garden. They were involved in digging and preparing the soil at our patch in the Taroona Community Garden in Taroona Park. They talked about what gardens were and chose the vegetables that they wanted to grow. Discussions included what plants need to grow and they drew pictures of the patch.

Digging in the garden,image ©; Possums Playcentre
Looking after their special garden is great fun and the little Possums enjoy digging, planting and watering as they watch their specially chosen vegetables grow each day and look forward to being able to taste them when they grow bigger. Hopefully it will encourage them to try new vegetables!

An excursion to ZooDoo Wildlife Park,image ©; Possums Playcentre
Last year we had great fun visiting ZooDoo Wildlife Park. It seemed to take for ever to get there on the bus. I think the driver went the long way but it didn't spoil the excitement of seeing and touching the animals.

Tea Party,image ©; Possums Playcentre
There is plenty of time for learning through free play and the children can participate in many activities at their leisure including dress ups, playing in the toy kitchen, toys and puzzles, reading, playdough, craft and many more.

self portrait gallery,image ©; Possums Playcentre
What a great job the children did of their self portraits! Some budding artists in the making.

Christmas concert,image ©; Possums Playcentre
The Christmas Concert was a lovely way for the children to show their families the songs and dances they had been practising.Some of the little possums got right into the spirit whilst some didn't quite know what to make of it but it was great fun!

Easter Costumes,image ©; Possums Playcentre
Just before Easter the children learnt all about eggs and where they came from. They decorated hard boiled eggs using dyes and fabric, made Easter chocolates, Easter Rabbit ears and had their faces painted.

cooking,image ©; Possums Playcentre
There are lots of opportunities for cooking and making yummy things to eat

painting,image ©; Possums Playcentre
Painting is great for improving hand eye co-ordination and colour matching skills

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girl with banana, image © Possums Playcentre

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