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Who will be looking after my child?

  • Sessions at Possums are conducted by the Playcentre Leader (Mrs Lyn Long) and assisted by the Playcentre Assistants (Karin and Lucie), as well as the rostered parent help.
    Read more about our staff and our philosophy.

How many children will be in each session?

  • Possums can take a maximum of 20 children per session.

What age does my child need to be?

  • Children must be 3 years old before they can attend.
  • Once they turn three they can start at any time during the year, providing there is a place available.

What happens in a typical session?

  • Possums is run in a semi structured way incorporating a weekly or seasonal theme.
  • Several areas are regularly set up each morning, such as: the climbing frame; puzzles and toys on the mat; the library corner; the play-house; tables with the day's art and craft activities.
  • As the children arrive they are warmly greeted by Lyn, Karin and Lucie and are free to choose their favourite activity or play a game with their friends.
  • During the morning we have Exercise Time and Show and Tell.
  • Later all the children and staff sit down together to enjoy morning tea.
  • Afterwards there will be play outside in the playground or a walk to the beach, the Possums Garden Patch or to explore the nearby parkland.
  • On our return, if time permits, we might have stories, games or music.

Need more information?

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